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    Has your home had a physical check-up lately?

    You probably wouldn't hesitate to bring your car in for it's 60,000 mile service check-up.  A quick once over from your mechanic can catch rust, rot and failing systems; the same goes for your home!  It too undergoes wear and tear that often goes unnoticed by the homeowner.  A home that has not been recently inspected may have maintenance items in the need of attention.  If ignored, these items could lead to significant expense to repair if not attended to in a timely manner.

    Most homes have some typed of electrical condition that could pose a potential safety hazard.  Moisture damage and plumbing leaks can be a large repair expense for homeowners.  Most heating and air-conditioning units have deficiencies that cost you money in higher utility bills or pose a health and safety concern.

    A home inspection can identify areas in need of immediate attention or repair as well as identify safety conditions that can be reduced or eliminated.  You can learn a great deal about your home or investment property and possibly avoid a large repair bill by proactive preventative maintenance.  Protect your investment.  Schedule a home inspection today.

    Call: (260) 385-2800